My Approach

Are you tired? Stressed? Tired of being stressed? Have you found yourself stuck in a loop that you can’t break free of? Maybe you’ve sought help.

You’ve gone looking for answers or someone to help solve your problems and nothing has worked. You’re wondering why are you stuck and why has nothing worked?

What’s happening inside you

Most of our reactions are automatic. When you encounter a problem, your brain searches for a time you were in a similar situation and you respond based on the memory it found.

Our memories and experiences serve as a “template” that our brain can quickly access in order to decide how to act. If the strongest memory is a bad one, your brain will expect things to go poorly and trigger a strong stress response. Then, when things do go poorly, this reinforces the pattern, and you’re stuck in a loop.

Changing how you respond

The essence of change is accessing your “problem state” – what we refer to as your template – and updating it with new options.

When the old problem situation/activity occurs, the template it pulls no longer leads to a negative reaction. So, the prediction does not trigger a freeze/fight/flight reaction. Instead, your updated template allows you to respond using new solutions!

Together, we’ll concentrate on:

Updating your template

The body only reacts in a certain way because the brain tells it to, based on the template it used. This is why using hypnosis to change the template is so powerful – you’re actually updating the instructions manual!

Updating your options

Once the template has been updated, the brain needs new instructions to handle the situation in a positive and productive way! Using hypnosis to engage the creative powers of your brain to find new solutions tends to be very effective.

Updating your response

No matter what has happened in your past, stress is unavoidable at some point. This is why building skills to deal with stress as it happens is not just an important component of change, it’s a crucial life skill.

The most common skills include:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise

If the negative response is neutralized, new solutions and options are generated, and these are thoroughly integrated into your life; then fast and lasting change is possible!

So now you know why you’ve been stuck as well as how to jump start your life. If you’re ready to get moving, then call or email to discuss your goals and obstacles.

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