‘KS’ on surgery without meds and regaining sleep

I had surgery and Eric helped me recover without pain medication! His technique is amazing and within 3 days I almost felt as if I had no surgery at all. Shortly after my surgery, someone very close to me had died. Eric helped me through this difficult time. I was having a hard time sleeping, his hypnosis technique relaxed me enough to sleep again. Highly recommend.

‘Ki’ on pain relief and well-being

I began working with Eric for a specific physical problem, which was addressed and improved. I gained such a wider perspective on the connection of my thoughts and all that transpires from them. Eric has a way of communicating in such a non-judgemental and friendly manner that it becomes easy to hear just what you need to hear. In addition to being so very knowledgeable, I found him to be inspiring. I experienced working with Eric to be a gift of well-being.

‘SH’ on reclaiming sleep and calm without medication

Eric did a wonderful job helping me manage postpartum anxiety after the birth of my first child. I struggled to sleep at all before beginning the sessions, and was able to start sleeping after the first one. Additionally we worked through coping mechanisms and were able to build my calm and awareness over a total of 4 sessions. I have yet to use my anxiety medication because this worked so well (I expected to need both!). In addition to being effective the sessions were very convenient – less than an hour by phone since I’m on the other side of the country. Eric was very flexible with my week to week schedule as well.

‘BW’ on returning to tennis from leg injuries

Whatever your injury or ailment, you will be in great hands with Eric. He was tremendously helpful both to my wife in her recovery from rotator cuff surgery and to me in my recovery from calf and heel injuries. He takes the time to create an individual program that is tailored to your specific issues and needs and regularly checks in to monitor your progress. I highly recommend him.

‘RZ’ on relaxation and sleep improvements

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric at one of his meetups and had three sessions with him. He gave me some very valuable tools to help me relax and improve my sleep. Eric is very compassionate and professional. I highly recommend him.

‘JS’ on back pain from nerve irritation

Eric is amazing. I’ve seen him for multiple problems over the years. I had a pain in my back at one point. Went to a chiropractor and massage therapist thinking it was just muscle problems. This went on for 3/4 months. After 1 trip to see Eric he lets me know it’s a nerve that runs down. He showed me how it needed to be taped and handled and after about 3 weeks the pain was gone. Now if I feel that strain in my back even start I tape it for a few days and I’m all set. Highly recommend his services. You can tell he really cares about what he does and generally wants to help people.

‘JB’ on using hypnosis to make child birth easy

Eric worked with me in advance giving birth to my first child. He listened to my personal style of flow and relaxation and gave me specific techniques to use during labor. I was so calm that all of the hospital staff, and even my doula were surprised. By the time I was checked in triage I was already 8cm! Much thanks to the visualizations and relaxation skills Eric taught me.

I live on the west coast. Eric was easy to work with for scheduling and the virtual sessions worked out great.

Highly recommended!

‘AM’ on rapid shoulder pain relief using PT and visualization

I saw Dr. Kao for a shoulder injury as a result of improper vaccine administration. Through a combination traditional physical therapy and meditative visualizations I was pain-free and back to my full range of motion within one month of seeing him! His approach was thoughtful, accessible, thorough and educational. I very much appreciate how he was able to help me heal quickly so I could return to normal activities!

‘AR’ on achieving chronic neck pain relief after years of failed traditional methods

I am very appreciative of Dr. Kao and his services. I recently saw him for several sessions related to a neck injury that resulted in years of chronic pain. While physical/massage therapy did help somewhat, the pain always returned, so after spending thousands of dollars with little impact, I looked for something different. Dr. Kao helped me process some of the reasons I was holding onto stress and pain in the shoulders and neck-preventing me from getting better. HIs calming strategies and relaxation techniques have really helped me manage my own daily stressors- and greatly reduce the pain!

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